Prepped for Ecuador vacation 2.4

We’re all packed and ready to go back on our second trip to Ecuador.

Why 2.4?

Good question. Under normal circumstances this would be Ecuador trip 2. However, Hurricane Irma has turned normal in its head. Our carefully laid travel plans were cancelled or delayed 3 times. We were originally supposed to depart over a week ago, Thursday morning, September 7. Irma delayed that a day, then a week.

We were fortunate to not suffer the horrific damages inflicted on our sister islands to the north and east, and amazingly, were able to postpone every planned stop on this trip by a week, and book new tickets. But those flights were also cancelled. Several phone hours later, I was able to negotiate new flights, for a day later, with an overnight in San Juan. We’ll miss the first 2 days in Quito, and our spa package at Normandía Spa, but were able to arrange a couples massage at Euphoria during the San Juan  layover. Fourth times the charm!

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